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Fluoro-Plastics offers modified PTFE basic shapes and machined parts. The new material offer engineering products with higher permeation resistance, lower creep, smoother surfaces and better high-voltage dielectric properties. Modified PTFE has the same performance characteristics of standard PTFE, viz. exceptional chemical resistance, high and low temperature capabilities, anti-stick performance and low friction.

Compared to standard PTFE modified PTFE displays remarkably enhanced performance characteristics. For example, the tensile strength and elongation of ordinary PTFE is 1500-2000 psi and 100-200%, whereas modified PTFE’s tensile strength is 4500 psi and its elongation at break is 500%. However, high voltage dielectric strength is where modified PTFE stands out: it is rated at 5200 volts per mil (at 1 mil), whereas standard PTFE is rated at only 500 volts per mil. In thicker sections the high voltage dielectric strength decreases, but not dramatically; Fluoro-Plastics offers modified PTFE which has been tested in 2.2, 3, 5, 8 and 10 mil thickness. The high voltage dielectric strength varied from slightly over 3,000 volts per mil at 2.2 mils to slightly over 2,000 volts per mil at 10 mils.

Also, parts and shapes made of modified PTFE can be assembled by heat welding and shaped by thermoforming. They can be joined without adhesives using moderate pressure in an oven, developing bonds with strength approaching that of the parts themselves. Welded sections can be subsequently thermoformed with no significant loss of strength. One of the simplest, most economical applications for modified PTFE is to make rectangular bags. A thin sheet can be folded over itself and heat sealed along two or three sides to make a bag for storing liquids and materials which must be protected from potential contaminants, e.g. in environmental or pharmaceutical sampling applications.

Fluoro-Plastics offers modified PTFE in skived sheets and rolls from one mil thick up to .125 inches thick, up to 48 inches wide, or slit to order. All rolls are packaged on a three inch cardboard core, or a three inch PVC core, to customer request.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company used under License by Fluoro-Plastics, Inc. Only Dupont makes TEFLON®.

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Specification Sheet

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Dielectric Strength,i.e. - Breakdown voltage

MOD1/8X24 MODIFIED PTFE ROLLS .125" X 24" 1 .125" 24" 1 - 20 ft per roll ASTM D 4894 TY 3 MODIFIED PTFE 4500 psi 450% +/- 5200
MOD1/8X36 MODIFIED PTFE ROLLS .125" X 36" 1 .125" 36" 1 - 20 ft per roll ASTM D 4894 TY 3 MODIFIED PTFE 4500 psi 450% +/- 5200
MOD1/8X48 MODIFIED PTFE ROLLS .125" X 48" 1 .125" 48" 1 - 20 ft per roll ASTM D 4894 TY 3 MODIFIED PTFE 4500 psi 450% +/- 5200
  Results 26 - 28 of 28 1 2 
Teflon is a registered trademark of Chemours LLC used under license by Fluoro-Plastics. Only Chemours makes Teflon.
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