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  • High percentage of bronze powder (40-60%) yields high thermal conductivity and better creep resistance
  • Often used in hydraulic systems, particularly superb as linear bearings, e.g. slides, gibs, guide ways
  • Not suited for electrical applications
  • Bronze is attacked by certain chemicals
  • Compare this product to Rulon 142*

    • From 0.030" thick to 0.250" thick
    • From 1/2" wide to 8.5" wide
    • Available in cylinders up to 8" OD and 12" long (both solid rods and tubes)
    • Material Type; reinforcement filler plus PTFE: 40%-60% Bronze powder; 60%-40% PTFE
    • Max. PV (psi-fpm); Mpa-m/s: 10,000; 0.35
    • Operating Temp.: minus 350 °F - plus 500 °F
    • Attribute/Properties: High thermal conductivity; better creep resistance; linear bearing material
    • Colors:
      • PTFE can be color coded
      • Available colors are red, orange, green, blue, turquoise, yellow, gray. Other colors may be available on request
      • Pigments do not materially change the properties of PTFE
      • Ideal for applications requiring visible differentiation
      • Pigments can be combined with other fillers
    *Rulon is a registered trademark of St. Gobain Performance Plastics

Replace your wearstrips now at a HUGE savings!

  • 40% bronze filled PTFE
  • Etched one side for bonding to guideways
  • Two thicknesses: 0.048" thick and 0.0625" thick
  • 048 rolls: 99' long, 062 rolls: 67' long
  • Rolls are 12"wide
Pieces can be cut length or slit to width.

For information:
(800) 262-191O


Filled Compounds of Teflon PTFE
(PDF, 9807KB)

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